PRC Portfolio Reviews

A special opportunity to get visibility and helpful feedback on your work.


PRC Portfolio Review sessions offer five current members the opportunity to individually discuss their work with a guest reviewer drawn from the community of curators, gallerists, critics, photographers, and more.

Reviewers bring a wide variety of experience, aesthetic sense, focus, and expertise. To get the most benefit from your portfolio review, check the particular reviewer’s background and request to meet with those who best fit the art and objectives of your work.

How It Works

Each review period includes five 30-minute slots, most often from 1 to 5 p.m., on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Two weeks before the review date, we open the scheduled email registration period, and then randomly select the five members who will get a time slot. We will notify selected reviewees one week before the scheduled review.

Everyone whose membership is valid during the month of the review, and who hasn’t already had a review during that membership year, may register for a chance to win a spot. You can join the PRC or renew here.

To register, send an email to during the scheduled registration period. Include your name, phone number and membership status (e.g., expiration date). If you’re uncertain of your membership status,  email and we’ll check it for you.

Note that each review session requires its own registration, so if you don’t win a slot, you’ll need to register again for a subsequent review that may interest you.

We notify the winners of their scheduled time slot via email. Notifications go out quickly, so please check your spam folder in case you’ve won a slot but hadn’t seen a notice.

Preparing for/Attending the Review

To make the best use of your 30-minute review, select a number of images from one or two series. Think about what you want out of the session, and let the reviewer know so you can get the most value from the experience.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled review. Review locations may vary, and will be noted in the particular review announcement.

Prints are always preferable to digital images. (No plastic sleeves, please! Prints with generous margins help avoid fingerprints and smudges.) If you prefer showing digital images, please bring your own viewing device to make sure that you and the reviewer will be able to see them.


We’re thrilled to announce a full slate of Portfolio Reviews from which you can choose and plan ahead!

July 30:  Erin Becker, Director, Cambridge Art Association – More about Becker and the sign up procedure for this offering:
August 13:  Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director & Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography
September 17:  Arlette Kayafas, Director, Gallery Kayafas
October 15:  Shana Dumont Garr, Curator, Fruitlands  Museum/The Trustees

Members are allotted one review per year; sign up is two weeks before review date.