PRC Nights Online

PRC Nights Online

A long-standing tradition at the PRC, we host a guest photographer monthly along with additional PRC Members for a lively evening of conversation on rotating themes. This free, informally-structured program fosters a sense of community by offering an opportunity to share images and insights about particular topics in contemporary photographic practice.

PRC Nights presenter guidelines:
PRC Nights presenters may only show work at one PRC Night per programming season (September through August) in order to allow for a variety of presentations. Presenters work should align as closely as possible with the monthly theme. For Zoom presentations we recommend that presenters have digital images prepared as a PDF or in another program so that they can be shown as slides by sharing the Zoom screen. Please be prepared to speak about your work/project for approximately 30 minutes with audience discussion and feedback afterwards. Please limit the number of images to 10-20. Questions? Email


Harry Scales, Black Lives Are Not Trends That Leave The Timeline by The Weekend, Boston, MA, June 11,2020

Wednesday, July 15, 5-7pm
Photographing Protest
Virtual PRC Nights featuring Harry Scales along with Matthew Kamholtz
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Harry Scales is a Fine Art & Editorial photographer working in New York & Boston recently graduated from the New England School of Photography’s full-time program. Influenced heavily by photographers who’ve made their work on the streets of cities & towns, Harry continues the tradition of exploring man’s relationship with one another amid society’s grapple with time.

Currently he is documenting the Black Lives Matter protests in Boston and his work inspired the theme for this edition of PRC Nights Online. Matthew Kamholtz will also be sharing his work. Kamholtz has been photographing the recent protests through the medium of TV due to the corona virus.

If your work fits the theme of Photographing Protest, you are a member of the PRC, and you would like to present your work with Harry Scales, email To become a member of the PRC click HERE.



Past PRC Nights Online

Tuesday, June 30, 5-7pm, Architectural Photography
featuring Greig Cranna with Steve Dunwell, Ravneet Marwaha, and Diana Cheren Nygren

Anyone can take a picture of a building, but it takes someone who understands the fundamental relationship of space to form, light on shape, and the scope of structure to environment to fully capture architecture as image. Architectural Photography is a way of seeing that Greig Cranna has immersed himself in for several decades and on June 30th he will share his work with us and discuss how one project influences the next. Cranna is is a professional photographer and the owner of BRIDGE Gallery in North Cambridge, Massachusetts, he is also on the Board of the PRC. Additional exhibitors are, Steve Dunwell, Ravneet Marwaha, and Diana Cheren Nygren. Each photographer will share their own unique view of what architectural photography can be. 


Tuesday, May 26, 5-7pm
Scenes from Home
Virtual PRC Nights featuring Chris Maliga,

Larry Volk, and Matthew Monteith

The global stay-at-home advisories have changed life as we knew it in untold ways. For artists the restrictions are especially poignant as they have the potential to impede creativity and forcibly shift focus away from years of developed work and established modes of capturing images. As one’s focusing eye shifts inward and gazes upon a new confined horizon, many photographers are taking the opportunity to create bodies of work highlighting interior spaces and what home life looks like at this time. For our second Virtual PRC Nights we feature Chris Maliga,  Larry Volk, and Matthew Monteith who shared images captured in the quiet spaces of home. They discussed their work and the dichotomy of new images with previous projects and shared their influences and ideas.

image by Chris Maliga


April 22, 2020, 5-7pm
Staged Fictions
featuring Asia Kepka
along with
Eileen Powers
Jaina Cipriano
and Nadine Wallack

PRC Nights on April 22nd was all about work created through still life or set design or using costumes. Before sheltering in place, or experimenting in the confines of your home, staging or creating scenarios that imply story or narrative whether sedate or boisterously fantastical. Asia Kepka uses costumes and props in her work, and with her Horace and Agnes series she constructed a whole social fabric of their relationship. The staged fiction is something akin to a film stills or photographs of a play.