‘About Future’ – Deadline Sept. 7th

Call from: LoosenArt.

About Future is the title of this call.  “Future” as a concept connected to the world of ideas, the ones which envisage the events, that invent new realities – fantastic or science fiction, or those that if adaptable to the real world, through the means and will to implement them, end up shaping the environment in which the living being is immersed.  It is particularly in this sense that artistic practices (or activities that give rise to sensory experiences through aesthetic products) have always played a fundamental role in the development and progress of civilization.  In the next exhibition entitled “About Future”, we will collect works that are able to offer new visions on the future, through expressive methods that engage both the traditional use of the photographic media and that of digital manipulation, graphic and visual design.  FREE ENTRY Artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 artworks addressing the theme.

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